Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Show Off!!

Do you want to show off your love for Kinder goats in a fun and fabulous way?? Well, now you can!!
Promote your goats in style with clothing, cups and gear that proudly display our logos! Give awesome gifts to your goat-loving friends!

Thanks to the hard work and creativity of Leah Rennick and Jean Jajan, you can now order all kinds of merchandise through CafePress and have it delivered straight to your door!

As a courtesy to our members, all merchandise is being sold at cost, with no profit going to the KGBA. Our CafePress store front can be seen at:

New items coming soon, so please check back on a regular basis.

**Interested parties are encouraged to consider donating artwork, design ideas or photos for consideration on merchandise. Please contact Like always, compensation will only include thanks, compliments and the warm and fuzzy feeling you get for helping to promote our great little goats.

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