Monday, March 29, 2010

The End

Well, the last weekend of March was beautiful. A little rain, but balanced with some sun and warmer temperatures. Saturday, thanks to family, we got our hay barn finished.

Next thing I need to do is order some gravel to place inside of the barn, just a few minor checks and adjustments and it is ready to put hay in, however, our tractor is currently residing inside the barn.

Sunday, I took my Working goat project group for a short hike. It's the first hike for this year, so we all have lots of conditioning to do with our goats. Three of the kids have kinder wethers for their pack animal and the fourth (my son Tyler) has a 1/2 Kinder and 1/2 cashmere wether which was our first bottle baby. The three black ones are from a set of quads I raised last year on a bottle, the fourth I sold for a breeding buck. This is the start of our hiking and packing season, for the rest of the summer, we have adopted a trail from the Missouri Conservation Dept. which we will check and maintain monthly. May and possibly September the pack group will have an over night campout there.

Last year was my first campout with goats, roughing it", in a tent, with no bathrooms or running water. It was an experience for all, I read a lot on North American Packgoat Assoc. website, then I had to convince the other goat people goats could be tethered safely on a picket line or on individual stakes. One person offered to bring their trailer to put the goats in over night, but I did point out that most would have their mode of transporting their own goat there and could use that if needed. All goats were staked out overnight with no problems or anything close to a problem. I had mine staked as close to my tent door as I could without them stepping on the tent or chewing on the tent, or soiling tent in some manner. They talked to me until quiet late that night but eventually we all got some rest. As much as you can in a sleeping bag on hard packed dirt, in a tent with two young boys and a tent full of young girls next door.

Since the doeling who arrived a week ago Sunday, there have been four more babies this week, two sets of twins both sets of boy/girl and both out of my young buck THF Snickerdoodle. I decided on the name, Tiramisu, for my first doeling, the next buckling looked just like his daddy so I have named him Caboodle, he is with his mom but mom misplaced his sister and being a first time mom didn't realize she had two babies to care for, so Ginger Snap is in the living room when my husband isn't cuddling with her on the couch or feeding her a bottle.
Here's a picture of the proud new daddy, THF Snickerdoodle.
This Saturday, April 3, will be opening day at the Boone County Farmer's Market. I have to be there to set up by 7:00 a.m. No sleeping in this weekend either. I will get to celebrate Easter with my husband and my in-laws and then Monday, April 5 my hubby leaves for the armory in Lebanon, MO to get ready to mobilize to Iran for approximately 12 months sometime in the next few weeks. Looks like it will be a very busy summer. Happy kidding all, and look me up at the Kinder Shows this year. Montgomery County Fair in June and MO State Fair in August.


  1. I am enjoying your posts so much, thank you!

  2. I very much enjoyed reading your blog posts. I will keep your husband and your family in prayers as he gets ready to deploy. Do you have any tips on teaching a goat to lead well? My daughter is working with her new baby Lightning and wondering how best to go about teaching him to lead in preparation for him being a pack/cart goat. Thanks again for a wonderful month of blogging! :)

  3. I have enjoyed all your posts but especially the ones on pack goats. If I were younger I could really get into this.

    Thank you for giving your time and your talents to this blog. Prayers to you, your family and your husband.


  4. I'm sorry your husband is going, will keep good wishes going out for him and you. Iran? Iraq surely I hope?

    I love the hay barn and the packing pictures, I would have been scared to leave them out there.

    Your posts have been great!

  5. Leah, sure enjoyed your posts. Snickerdoodle looks awesome. Prayers for Craig as he leaves the US.