Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Greetings!


My name is Bethany however, everyone calls me Beth or Beth-Joy! I thought for my frst post I would just tell you all a little bit about me, my family and our farm, Covenant Ranch.

I am one out of eleven children. I have seven brothers and three sisters. The oldest in my family is 21 and the youngest is yet to be born. :-) I am fifteen in June. My little sister, Sarah-Grace, and I both share our birthday. I have a horse named Miracle. I enjoy helping my brothers and sisters with their animals. Besides our lovely little herd of Kinder goats, we have two milks cows, two meat cows, one busy beehive, one Arabian horse, one Quarter horse, our sweet little herd of hair sheep, an assortment of chickens, chicks, ducks, and one goose that thinks she is the queen of the barn. We also have a very fluffy little puppy and two cats!

Sarah-Grace, Elisha (one of my older brothers), Timothy (one of my younger brothers) and I all take care of the goats together. Elisha and Sarah do most of the milking, Timothy does a lot of the feeding, with Elisha's help, and Sarah and I take care of the kids. I am also in charge of selling the milk to our customers who come to our farm, giving farm tours and keeping track of all the paperwork and farm activity.

These are some pictures of our farm.

Our property flooded so the boys all went fishing with pitch forks. They caught three fish. =)

This is our bee hive. Timothy takes care of all the bee hives for our family. He is only 10 but he loves bees!

This is my youngest brother Matthew. He is very athletic. Matthew, Elisha, Bekah (my oldest sister), and I all go running together. Matthew and I ran in the Dover race last year. =)

This is our Jersey milk cow. She really loves my little brother Josiah. Josiah takes care of all the cows.

These are our chickens. They love to sit on our front pourch!

This is Liberty, one of our Kinder Kids that was born in the Spring of 2009. Matthew nick-named her Libby. She is one of our sweetest does's. She was bred just last month. I can't wait to see the kids that she gives us.

I'm excited to share with you all the activity at my house this month. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!

For the love of goats,

Miss Beth Joy Wood


  1. Hi there Beth Joy! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of all your critters. I look forward to learning more about you and your lovely family!

  2. Hello Beth! Great post! I expect you will be able to fill up a month telling us about your family and your farm, easily. I'm really looking forward to hearing it all. The pictures are terrific!

  3. Great post! I am looking forward to spending this next month reading and seeing all about you, your family and your farm.

    Thank you for sharing with us.