Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Almost done?

Wow! This month seems to be flying by. I can't believe its already the 28 of April! I am now starting to take my horse to lessons, I am practicing for the Topeka symphony, we just got a new great pyreneese puppy, the goats are only on two bottles a day now and my big brother will soon be 17! I can't believe how fast everything is going this year.

Last year the goats seemed like they were never going to be weaned and now they are almost off the bottle all together! My violin last year sounded somewhat like a fire truck and now I am trying out for the symphony. My big brother Elisha is my best friend and he is growing so fast. Its funny how things change so quickly. It makes you want to live every moment to the fullest. I pray God will help me live my whole life for His glory. I think this is the only way I can live my life to the fullest. I look forward to the rest of the year and all of the wonderful things God has planned out for me. :-)

I hope God blesses your farms and lives as well. :-)
Until thew whole world hears,
Beth Joy


  1. I've very much enjoyed your posts! Thank you for sharing your life and love of goats and most importantly your love of your Savior with us! Good luck at the symphony and with your training endeavors with your horse!

  2. You are definitely a credit to the Kinder goat and to the whole world in general. I am very sure that you will be a success in any thing that you wish to do.

    I want to thank you for the refreshing way you have shared your experiences with us. God be with you always.

  3. Thank you! I have enjoyed posting on the Kinder blog and I have truly enjoyed hearing from the breeders that have read my post. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week! :-)

  4. Thank you for doing this. All your posts were terrific!