Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Building pens

(Elisha working on the birthing pens)
Hello everyone!
My papa and brothers Elisha, Josiah, and Zeke all have been working on remodeling our barn.

Elisha is in charge of making sure everything gets done right while my papa is at work. Elisha is the ranch foreman and I am the ranch manager. Elisha and I really enjoy working together and thinking of better ways to manage the ranch. Josiah takes Elisha's place of overseeing all the jobs when Elisha is gone working with papa on something else.
The first thing the boys built this year were the birthing pens for the does. They made a special place above the birthing pens for all the alfalfa to be stored. They really did a awesome job!
This is a picture of the boys hard work!


  1. Those are wonderful kidding pens! Your brothers did a great job!

  2. The barn looks terrific! All the work you all do is really excellent. I love the pictures of the kids from your last post, too, they are darling, and the photos are great, especially the airborne one.

  3. Beth-Joy, you posted a picture of your brother BEFORE his hair cut... oh dear! Well, I guess I am looking with momma eyes. :-)

    I love you sweet girl,

  4. I love seeing your farm, all the things that you are involved in. I can see that all that you do is with so much joy. What an inspiration you are to all of us. Thanks!