Friday, April 2, 2010

First to kid!

Hi Everyone! =)

Every year I wait somewhat impatiently for our Kinders to kid. =)

This year our first goat to kid was Reeses. She had two sweet little bucklings and one lovely doeling.
The first born from Reeses was a beautiful tan buckling with black, white, brown and even a little bit of red in his coat! He was born backwards but Reeses had him before I could help her. He is quite a lively little fellow. He just loves to jump off the walls in his pen! :-) His name is Patches. He has already found his new home and will be going there in a few months.

The second was a lovely black little girl with white frosted ears and muzzle. This little girl was just a sweetie pie! She loved getting all the attention and is now getting lots of it in her new home. =)

The third was a surprise to us all! We all went in the house about 40 minutes after Reeses had her second kid thinking she was done. Elisha went outside 2 hours later and found a beautiful black buckling with a white crown drinking off his mother. Elisha quickly brought the little buckling into the house to get warm. Once he was warm and fed he was just a little ball of fun! =) He enjoys playing with his brother and other furry little friends around the barn yard.
We are calling him Surprise until he finds a new forever home. :-)

Reeses also found a new home with her little baby girl and two other little kids from this year's kidding season. :-)

I hope you all enjoyed reading about our goat Reeses and her kids.

For the love of goats,
Beth Joy Wood

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  1. I'd love to see pictures of that first kid! He really sounds like a looker!