Monday, April 19, 2010

Feed mix

Hello Everyone!

As with our other feed for the animals, we have enjoyed the benefits of creating our own mix. The goats love to enjoy the fresh food the we cut up for them in the mornings. Such as: Parsley (high in iron), carrots, garlic and Kale. The animals enjoy going for walks and eat from our pastures. We also feed them alfalfa that a friend of ours grows nearby.

We have a mineral mix available at all times for the goats as well as a tray of Kelp.

Our does are getting the same "new momma" herbal mixture and red raspberry leaves that I mentioned last week. They also get their cereal mix which consists of the following:

100lbs oats
100lbs wheat bran
100lbs corn
100lbs shredded beet pulp
100lbs barley
100lbs of sunflowers
100lbs 40%protein
30lbs of molasses
Soy oil or linseed oil

Protein: 14.58
Fat: 2.15
Fiber: 5.10

This is just the recipe I could find right now. Momma is always learning and changing it ever so slightly as we get access to other products or learn more.
I hope you all are enjoying the recipes I have given you all! =)
Until the whole world hears,
Beth Joy


  1. Hi Beth Joy! I'm enjoying your posts very much. Your grain mix is very similar to mine that I have mixed at the local elevator. You mentioned that you feed garlic, do you not feed this to your milking does, or does the garlic not come through in the milk? Again, thanks for some wonderful posts!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments. Yes, we do feed it to our milk does and have had no problems with it flavoring the milk. However, stinging nettles while it increases the milk supply does change the flavor to a taste we do not like.. maybe others wouldn't mind but we sure didn't like the taste. ewww!:-)

  3. Do you have a lot of animals? It would be very hard for me to use up over 700 pounds of a grain mix, it takes me a long time to use 50 pounds.

    Your posts are wonderful!

  4. We have quite a few animals. We have horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, a dog and two cats (one just had 4 kittens so that makes 6). You could change the recipe for your farm though! :-)