Saturday, February 6, 2010


I started life as a dog person. As a child all I really wanted was a dog. This was strange because no one else in my family was a dog person, even my extended family. I got a dog when I was 12. In 1990 I got my first Great Dane. This one is Bell, she is at least 11 and 1/2. She was a rescue and she was three, but I don't know where she was in the third year. All my previous danes live to be around 9, they don't usually live very long. So I am amazed with Bell. She is hanging in there with me. She is what is called a blue dane.

This is my young dane Daisy and me, she is almost three. I got her as a pup when I went to get Madame and Triscuit in Missouri. She has had a bit of training and is very smart. But she's got a strong prey drive, and I am very careful to make sure she never gets in with the goats. Now that she is really an adult this is easier, she spends a lot of time asleep on the couch. She was active and easily bored as a young one.

This is Daisy with my grandson Zach when they were visiting last August. I wish I knew how to fuzz out the clutter behind them. My kids have a lab-shepherd cross names Neeley, and when they went home Zach was really happy to see her, and he said "she sure is small". He spent a lot of time lolling on the couch with Daisy, and she was heartbroken when he left. I expect she thought she would get to keep him.

Here is Daisy being dignified:

Have a wonderful day everyone! Tomorrow I'm taking the day off.


  1. Beautiful dogs! Danes are such lovely animals! Thanks for sharing your dogs with us. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I LOVE Great Danes! They are magnificent animals! I'd love to have one someday!

    See ya on TGS!!

  3. Thanks guys! They are pretty special dogs.