Friday, September 20, 2013

Kinder Classifieds

Buying a Kinder? Selling a Kinder? Just want to look at lots of really cute pictures of Kinder goats?

Come check out the KGBA Kinder Classified on Facebook! The page was created as an easy way to sell and find registered Kinder Goats, and so far, it's a hit! A number of Kinder connections have already been made, with kids already settling into their new homes.

The page can be seen at

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Champion Chevon Prizes

Last year, the KGBA board announced its decision to offer a $100 reward to the Grand Champion Chevon and a $50 reward to the Reserve Grand Champion of any sanctioned state level Kinder shows.

We are very pleased to announce that, in addition to the $100 cash prize offered by the KGBA, Tom and Sue Huston have generously offered to donate an additional $50 cash prize to the Chevon Champion of the Missouri State Fair Kinder Show. The Hustons have a long history of planning, developing and showing in sanctioned Kinder shows throughout Missouri. They have worked very hard to develop community interest and participation in KGBA activities. Hopefully, their kind gift will continue to do this for years to come, and we will see a continued increase in Kinder participation at meat goat shows. Thank you, Sue and Tom!

The recipient of the awards in this year's only sanctioned state Chevon Championship were:

Grand Champion Chevon (recipient of $100 KGBA prize, $50 prize sponsored by Sue and Tom Huston) - Zachary's Champion Goats Bingo 

Reserve Grand Chevon (recipient of $50 KGBA prize) - Zachary's Champion Goats Tiberous

Congratulations, Zachary Weaver!! Your hard work and careful planning was reflected in both of these fine goats!

This ongoing award is being offered in the hope that breeders will carefully consider the meat aspect of the Kinder goat as well as milk production when creating their breeding plans. Putting meat in your freezer is the foremost benefit to breeding growthy, meaty kids, but it can serve another purpose, too. Having wethers that are competitive in the show ring makes them desirable to 4H members and other show-goers, increasing their value on the open market, and offering another outlet for those extra wethers. And of course, winning in the show ring is a great way to promote your herd and Kinders as a breed.

For those interested in taking part in next summer's shows, now is the time to start planning and breeding for beautiful, healthy, dual purpose goats that will stand out in the field and in the ring!

**To discuss creating Sanctioned Kinder Shows near you, please contact