Saturday, June 2, 2018

Rushing Paperwork

We have had a number of people recently request that their paperwork be rushed for shows or sales. While we try to honor all of these requests and do everything we can to assist our breeders in selling and showing their Kinders, we can’t always do so.

Spring and summer are busy times of year for everyone including the volunteers that handle KGBA paperwork. As an association made up entirely of volunteers, we do not offer rushing paperwork as a service because we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to fill these rush requests.  All paperwork goes through a two-step process in order to ensure accuracy, and this process takes time as well as manpower. With our limited volunteer base, things can be delayed  by the illness or vacation of one volunteer. This is why we recommend getting paperwork in as soon as possible. If for some reason you do need paperwork rushed, we ask that you contact the KGBA directly PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR PAPERWORK to find out if your request can be filled. Requests are handled on a case by case basis, depending on many factors. Even when we agree to try to return your paperwork quickly, getting things back to you by a specific day is never guaranteed.

Normally, paperwork is processed in the order in which it is received, so asking for things to be rushed inevitably slows down the process for other people’s paperwork. Please keep this in mind and be considerate when making special requests.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Sue Beck
KGBA President