Saturday, September 4, 2010

Udder of Young Doe

This doe was born 5/23/10. She is not bred. Have others had experience with udders on such a young doe?


  1. Yes, I have had some of those - called a 'precocious udder'. Harvey Considine used to tell us that a little udder like that on a doe kid often means that she has excellent production potential - a lot of milk. This little udder is showing signs of a lovely shape - high, wide, and with good division between the halves. I personally would like to see a little more length to the teats, but they are beautifully placed, nicely shaped and they hang straight. One word of caution for 'newbies' to goats - don't try to milk that little udder. Just leave it alone and watch it eventually develop into a fantastic mature udder when she freshens for the first time.

  2. Thanks Pat! Remember those new to goats to heed what has been said about not trying to milk this little udder.