Sunday, March 18, 2012

That First Kinder®

Buying a Good Kinder® Goat

There is more to buying a good Kinder goat than just looking at good conformation, good udders, good milk production and a good meat carcass.

You want to look at the health of the animal too. You don’t want a Kinder that needs all kinds of medications to keep it well. You don’t want an animal that does not deliver kids easily. You do want a Kinder that is an easy keeper that does not take lots of extra feed to produce a good supply of milk and provide a good meat carcass. You want an animal that has some resistance to internal parasites so you are not giving it chemical wormers on a regular basis. All these things are just as, are possibly more, important than the outward appearance of the animal.

If it takes all kinds of medications to keep the animal healthy then I would not want to drink the milk nor eat the meat of a Kinder that has been loaded with all these chemicals. If you are buying your first Kinder goat then the questions ask should include the ones regarding the health of the animal and what medications has the seller be using.

When buying that Kinder goat just remember to look and ask about CAE, CL and about all the medications that this animal has been given. Always ask about the ease of kidding in older does and in the dam of younger doelings.

Buy the best animal possible and ask questions. Look at the animal’s dam and sire if possible. Make sure this is truly a dual purpose animal and not just a shorter version of a dairy goat. A true Kinder produces milk and meat. Rub your hands over the animal to make sure there are no lumps that might be a sign of CL. Ask for CAE testing results.

You want a Kinder that has good conformation, good udder, good meat carcass and one that is healthy and has not been filled with all kinds of medications. You want an animal that is CL and CAE free. Do your homework and ask questions. You and your goats will be happier if you do.

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