Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Have You Hugged A Goat Today?

With cold weather and shorter days upon us, spending time in the barn and fields becomes a lot less inviting. Rushing to feed, water and milk our goats and get back inside before we freeze can cause us to overlook abnormalities in our goats behavior, or attribute them to the cold weather. That is why, now more than at any other time of year, it is important to hug your goats... even the boys! Er, well, at least a good rub down every week.

To ensure that you have a strong, healthy herd when kidding season arrives, we need to make sure they stay that way all winter. Weight loss and poor condition can come on quickly, and can often stay hidden under thick winter coats until it is too late to correct the problem. Most herds are just coming off the stress of breeding season, some are pregnant, some are milking, and most are dealing with less than ideal weather conditions. And sure... the boys are stinky and the girls are crabby, but do your goats a favor - go give them a hug anyway!  


  1. I try to spend about an hour twice a day with them between feeding,petting and barn chores. My most peaceful time is in the barn with the boys and girls. I love my smelly bucks just like my girls

  2. Good advice otherwise you can miss important symptoms.