Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2014 Fee Changes

Hello Everyone!

Beginning January 1st, 2014, there will be three changes to the KGBA fee schedule. The changes are as follows:

1. We will be charging a $5 late fee on all membership renewals submitted after March first. Membership fees are due on the first of the year for all ongoing memberships. We hope that the new deadline for dues will enable us to keep our mailing lists, breeders listing and membership lists as consistent as possible. New members joining after the first of November will have their membership dues applied toward the following year, but all other members need to pay their dues early in the year in order to receive all member benefits as well as avoiding late fees.

2. There will be a $10 fee for all goats registered after they are a year old. This fee was already in place for goats registered after the age of 2, but we are still receiving a large number of late registrations, and our registrar is spending a great deal of time wading through paperwork in order to register multiple generations of goats at once. We encourage everyone to register their goats BEFORE breeding them in order to avoid confusion, problems and more work for our registrar. Thank you!

3. When transferring goats to a new owner, the discounted member fee will be used if EITHER party is a KGBA member. Previously, both parties were required to be members in order to receive the member fee.

Please feel free to contact any of the board members if you have questions or comments regarding fees, membership, or anything else related to your Kinder Goats. Our contact information is located on the KGBA website at www.kindergoatbreeders.com

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