Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2015 Election Results

We are happy to announce that we had excellent voter participation in the KGBA election again this year, with more than fifty percent of our active members voting. Thank you all for your participation... your votes matter, and your voices make this association what it is!

Voting results for KGBA board positions are as follows:

President - Sue Beck, Wisconsin

Vice President - Ashley Kennedy, Colorado

Secretary - Jean Jajan, Oregon

Treasurer - Lisa LaRose, Illinois

Members at Large -
Term through 2018 - Kathrin Bateman, Massachusetts
Term through 2017 - Brenda Lee Shelt, Montana
Term through 2016- Kam Padlina, California

Congratulations to all returning board members on their re-election, and a warm welcome to our new board member, Kam Padlina! We are looking forward to a very productive 2016!

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