Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Did you know?

Goat Milk

It tastes much the same as whole cow milk, but better. There are important differences in mineral and vitamin content and indigestibility. Kinder milk is the best tasting milk of all the goat breeds.

A study quoted by Dr. Barbellion of Paris at the International Congress of Medicine showed that "submitted to the action of digestive ferments, human milk and the milk of the goat were digested completely in TWENTY minutes, while the same process applied to cow milk showed only a slight advance after SIXTY minutes."


  1. I love "converting" people who just swear that they can't drink goat's milk. It is so funny, because the first that EVERYBODY does is smell it. Then they say with the wonder of suprise in their voice..."It doesn't SMELL like a goat?" They are so funny! Then they taste it and say..."It's just milk" and I say "Yeah, it's just milk, only better for you!" I tell people that if they drink whole cow's milk from the store, they could make the switch to goat's with no problem. If they drink skim, the texture would take some getting used to. I personally would rather drink rat's milk than skim!

  2. I agree with all that you say! Goat milk is so delicious.