Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hello from Illinois!

Hi there Kinder Communique' readers! My name is Sarah Paintiff and I live in beautiful Southern Illinois about 45 minutes north of St. Louis Missouri. I am privileged to be the first featured breeder/blogger for the KGBA. I am very excited and honored to be asked to do this. Here's a bit of information about us!

We live on a small homestead that we call Goodwife Farm. We raise Kinder goats for milk and meat, rabbits for meat, and chickens for meat and eggs. We plant a nice big garden every year and I can as much as possible. We will be building a small catfish pond within the next two years so that we can stock our freezer with fresh fish as well. We also have a root cellar in the plans for the next two or three years to make storing all of that yummy produce a bit easier.

I got my start in Kinder goats from a fabulous lady named Rhonda Daniels of Faith Farm in Rochester IL. Rhonda is an amazing woman and has become a valued friend and mentor to me. She helps me out in all things goatish, not to mention the perils and pitfalls of general life! My first foray into Kinders was with Faith Farm's Tulip and Faith Farm's Jett. I no longer have Jett, but I'll never part with my girl Tulip! After getting the hang of, and falling in love with these wonderful animals, I decided that I wanted a registered goat so I turned once again to Rhonda for advice. She contacted Lisa and Craig Lamm of Tickleweed Hill Farm where I purchased Tickleweed Hill's Naomi, my first registered Kinder. Naomi's dam was actually featured in the KGBA newsletter a few years ago, because of giving birth to 6 live kids! Naomi is due for her first freshening in March, and I'm really hoping that we only have twins or triplets! Naomi's breeding is strictly Bramble Patch Kinder, as is my second registered goat, Bramble Patch Kinder Famous, or Luke as we call him. Luke and Naomi will be the start of my registered herd and I've got high hopes for their babies.

Please stay tuned for more Kinder news to come from Goodwife Farm including what I like best about my goats, what I do with my milk, and why everybody needs a Kinder goat!


  1. Welcome!

    What a wonderful first post. I love to hear about other Kinder breeders. I also love to see their goats.

    I am looking forward to hearing more about you, your family and your goats.


  2. I am so excited to learn more about you and your farm! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. I’m very interested in Kinders! I live near Galesburg, IL