Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I finally got around to making some mozzerella cheese yesterday. It is already gone, so it must have been a success! I used Ricki's 30 minute mozzerella recipe on It took a little longer for the curd to set than the five minutes in the recipe, but otherwise did okay. My curds never look like the cut cubes that I always see in the videos. Mine are always more stringy. Not sure why that happens. Just got to keep practicing, I guess.

I also started the custard for some goat milk ice cream. I used the vanilla ice cream III recipe from Storey Publishing's Raising Dairy Goats. I am going to add strawberries and freeze it later today.

But now I have four quarts of whey. I will probably try to make some ricotta cheese from it. I am not sure about trying any of the drinks recipes I have come across. If all else fails, I will feed it to the chickens. I know that they love any goat milk that I give them. It goes faster than their chicken feed!

Just finished planting my raised beds this week. Today I pulled up the sweet peas and planted some garlic bulbs that had gotten overlooked. Having a problem with cabbage worms though. They apparently liked my peas too. Hope they enjoy the garlic!! I know the chickens enjoyed all that I could handpick of the little buggers!

I need to do some research on apple cider vinegar as used for pest control and watering the goats. I have read that people use it, but I have never come across how much and what ratio it is used in. Also want to get the herbs for that vinegar recipe posted previously.

Well gotta run and try to catch up on things. Seems like I always have a four day long to do list!!

God Bless,



  1. Glad to hear your cheese was a success!

  2. I enjoy hearing what you are doing on your farm. Thanks so much for sharing.