Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is our goat complex. I have it configured with two large pens and two smaller pens at the moment. One for the kids at night. And one for Galileo - he was tearing up the other boys heads with his scurs, so he had to be separated. Now Derrick has scurs too, so I will have to figure out what to do with him if they tussle too much. Eventually I want to have separate pens for each of the bucks. The goat complex is on one side of Rustee's paddock. I had to put hot wire around it because Russtee was stealing hay and using the kennels has scratching posts.

This is my milk and feed "room", under an awning on the side of the landlord's shed. Ken, best hubby in the world, made me the cool milk stand.

This is the manor castle, laundry room, banquet hall, and aviary (chicken coop). Oh yes, and part of the garden too.

This is a shot of the main garden earlier this month. Wow, I didn't realize how much had grown in the last month. The last bed is packed with flowers now. The second on the right is full of tomato plants. Two more are started with corn. And one is started with sunflowers. Just finished spraying for pests with a mixture from a master gardener. It dropped two cabbage worms, one moth, and two grasshoppers while I was spraying!! Hopefully the battle with the cabbage worms has been won!! This was a mixture of tobacco juice, mouthwash, soap, and garlic juice. Sounded pretty weird, but if it works like I think it did tonight, this is great!
I think I got the last of the supplies that I needed for soap making this weekend. Hopefully I will get a chance to try a batch of soap before the end of the month so I can let you know how that goes.
I took Russtee and the girls out to the landlord's pasture for a stroll today. Russtee was off lead even though the fence was down, but the yard gate was closed so he couldn't get too far. The girls were ducks in a row on a piece of rope - goats on a rope - I have tied them out from time to time, but watch them closely because they always get themselves in a knot. Of course, today was no exception. Since we have so many dogs around, I didn't leave them out alone today, but walked them around instead - or better stated - they walked me around. They enjoyed themselves and were contentedly chewing their cud when I went in to fix dinner.
However, when I went out after dinner - I.C. Spots had disappeared from their pen. Closer inspection found her trapped behind the shed in their pen!! She has never attempted this before, very strange. We got her out and walked her around a bit. Apparently she had gotten back there pretty soon after I went in, because she was quite wobbly when we first got her out. But she is fine now. Still have no idea what inticed her to squeeze back there, the space between the shed and the fence couldn't be more than five inches!!! And it backs to another shed, so nothing to see back there?? Anyway, put some obstacles in the way. Hopefully no one else will attempt that again.
Well, it's nearly midnight and we gotta get up for school tomorrow. Two more days of school, then the girl is out for the summer, looking forward to VBS and summer camp.
Ya'll take care.
God Bless,

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  1. It's amazing how goats can find trouble isn't it? I often tell the children, "Go look through the pasture as if you were the animal and see what kind of trouble you can find." If we only look with human eyes we find ourselves in a pickle later. Your garden is very pretty. Thank you for sharing all the photos!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Mrs. Joseph Wood