Friday, August 13, 2010

Angle of Rump

I am going to type this in because I cannot get it to print large enough to read easily.

The angle of the rump or pelvis from hooks to pins has a direct bearing on the reproductive performance of a goat because it influences the ease of kidding and drainage of the reproductive tract. he Angle of the rump is also related to the length of udder from foe to rear, strength of for udder attachment, and udder depth. Observing the goat on the move from the side, this is a way to evaluate the angle of the rump from hooks to pins. Rump angle is measured from steepness, which is assigned 20 or less points, to levelness, which is assigned 30 or more points. Rumps intermediate in slope (30 to 20 degrees)are assigned 20 to 30 points. Each difference of 5 degrees in the rump angle, plus or minus, results in a difference in the score of 5 points. A rump angle of 50 or more is assigned 1 point.

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