Sunday, August 22, 2010

Width, teat placement and top line in doelings

Here are some important things to look for in your doelings. Width in the escutcheon (width between the rear legs). This shows the room for an udder.
Teat placement, size and shape. Look for teats that are hanging plum and of nice size.
Look for a smooth and level top line. Watch that rump that it is not sloping. Look for levelness in the chine (this is the area right behind the shoulder blades).
Look at the rear legs that they do not turn inward.


  1. Watch the doe on the move to see all the things mentioned above.

  2. Hi Sue - I'm glad to see you are still active in goats and that the Kinder breed has such an excellent blog for information transfer. Yes, I'm still following you! :)

    Stanton Warren
    Ludlow, Missouri
    (past co-owner of Dawn-Dollane Nubians)

  3. Welcome Stanton,

    It was that lovely Nubian doe that I bought from you, so many years ago, that has given so much to my herd.

    So glad to know you are here.