Friday, September 30, 2011

Kinder Goats

A Kinder Goat is one that is bred according to the Kinder Score Card and the Kinder Breed Standard. As Kinder breeders we are breeding one type of goat and that is according to our standards. We do not have two or more types of goats but only one. The Kinder is a dual purpose animal that will milk and also provide a good meat carcass. The ideal Kinder doe is to be 26 inches at the withers and the bucks 28 inches. Those animals with longer more dairy type bodies and legs are not truly Kinder goats. There are many dairy animals for people to choose from, we do not need to try to make our Kinder one of those. If we are to continue to breed a dual purpose animal then we must breed according to our standards.

Sue Beck's buckThis is a good example of a Kinder buck.


  1. I have a question... I have one milking doe that kidded in May of this year. Would it be alright to milk her straight through until late 2012 before breeding her? Would she be likely to keep producing until then? The reason I ask is that kidding this year was SO hard for her. She had 1 HUGE buck kid (that died) and I just hate to put her through that again so soon, but I do need the milk. She is currently giving 5# a day.

  2. It will be fine to do this. She will cut back in the volume of milk that she is now giving but I think you will see that there will be more butterfat. I have two does that have been milking since April of 2010 and the volume has cut back to about a pint each in the last few weeks but when letting the milk set in the ice box there is lots more separation. I have noticed that when making yogurt that it is much creamier than before too. Just more butterfat in the milk!

  3. My milk kefir is much thicker than usual. Maybe this is why. Thank you!