Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kinder Goats and Color

Here is an issue that is very troubling to myself and others in the association. Color seems to have become to many, the main characteristic, when breeding the Kinder goat. Color should be the last consideration in our breeding program. Conformation, good udders, milk production and a good meat carcass should be our main focus not flashy colors, spots and etc.. It may be that there are those that will pay more money for a Kinder with lots of spots and other color combinations but this should not be. Any good serious breeder will not go this route. This type of breeding is not going to be good for our Kinder goat and in the end is going to produce animals that will evaluate as poor specimens of the Kinder breed. This is not what we want our Kinder goat to become just a goat of many colors.

Kinder breeders it is up to you personally to insure that color does not ruin the Kinder goat.

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