Monday, January 11, 2010

Why EVERYBODY needs a Kinder goat............

The reason I think everybody needs a Kinder goat is, creamy, delicious milk! I can't talk enough about the quality of milk that a Kinder goat gives. My doe Tulip has been dry since November, and nobody is due to kid until March. That means we've been "good milk" less since November and it's sorely missed around my house. We've had to buy whole milk from the store and *eeek, gasp, swoon* we had to buy ice cream on our last trip to Aldi. My husband remarked that it actually tasted like it was "bad" or something! You sure do get spoiled with the good stuff! I haven't eaten yogurt since I dried Tulip off! I tried eating the plain Dannon yogurt that I use for my starter culture to get my homemade yogurt going. I couldn't even choke it down! It tasted so.........gelatinous, for lack of a better word! Yuck, and double yuck! I wanted a glass of milk so bad last evening, so I poured myself an itty bitty glass of "store" milk. just didn't even seem to have any flavor. I'm so spoiled on my rich creamy milk! I very much enjoy knowing where my food comes from and nothing brings a smile to my face faster than enjoying a cold glass of milk that was still inside a goat 2 hours ago!

Now I won't go into all the other reasons that people need to have Kinders............they are so lovable, smart, sassy, cute, sweet.........................oops, there I go again! ;)

Till next time.................GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!


  1. You need a freezer and plastic containers then you can freeze the excess milk and enjoy it in the winter. I find that it works really well to do this for us. Once you get used to Kinder milk it's very hard going back to store bought milk.

    I'm enjoying your blogging.

  2. Hi! I actually do freeze some of it, I just didn't have enough put back to last us the entire dry spell! :) Thanks!